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Uberbag Windsor is part of the Uberbag's Eco Friendly Veg Tan Leather range of bags.
This bag can be carried by the hand, over the shoulder or as a back pack with the removable and adjustable back pack straps. It has 2 inner compartments seperated by a zipper pocket. The bag has a top handle, removable and adjustable shoulder stap with an overlay and removable and adjustable straps to allow this bag to be carried as a backpack.

Information about the unique eco-friendly leather used in this bag

This bag is made in Europe using the finest European hides. It is dyed using natural vegetable dyes and does not use any of the chemicals that the majority of leather being produced today does. Vegetable tanned leathers are becoming increasingly rare as companies switch from traditional methods of tanning leather using vegetable extracts to mass produced chrome tanned leathers.

Vegetable tanned leather develop a gorgeous patina the more they are used and the more they are exposed to the natural elements such as sunlight. With the Natural Veg Tan bags, the shade of the bag will change with and will get darker - this is one of the real beauties of this unique leather. This is a normal and should be expected as the leather develops a patina.

Vegetable tanned leathers display natural characteristics of the leather which make each bag unique. There may be small marks such as scars or insect bites and unlike mass produced bags, these marks are not hidden by layers of pigmented paint. Each hide absorbs the dyes differently there are slight variations in the shade of the leather.


- Size : 15" (W) x 11" (H) x 3.5" (D) (The front pockets add a further 1.25" to the depth)
- The front flap of the bag opens with two auto-snap buckles to reveal the inside which has one large compartment and a zipper pocket that can hold documents. There are also two open pockets at the front . The inside of the bag is unlined which is the way all long lasting bags were traditionally built as lining will tend to fray and tear with use.
- Size : 15" (W) x 11" (H) x 3.5" (D) (The front pockets add a further 1.25" to the depth)
- The bags comes with a small luggage tag and a dust bag
- An inner compartments with a zipper pocket. The compartment can fit an A4 folder. It could also fit 2 A4 folders but would require the front strap with the buckle to be loosened
- Two front pocket with depth of 1.25"
- Removable and adjustable shoulder strap with overlay
- Removable and adjustable straps to allow this bag to be carried comfortably like a back pack

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